The Unbeatable Ronda Rousey

WHY RONDA ROUSEY IS THE BEST ATHLETE ON THE PLANET: (I will refrain from writing this post in caps but let it be known I’m yelling) She is indisputably the best pound for pound female fighter in the world

Her last Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight on Feb 28 2015 was a record breaking 14 seconds

She is undefeated with the majority of her 11 career fights at less than a minute

She’s in the cast of Furious 7, making her the only professional athlete to star in a blockbuster of this magnitude (it grossed approx. $384 Million worldwide opening weekend) while in their athletic prime

When she says “I’m willing to die in that cage” it’s taken as truth

Because not even Dana White thought female fighting would be possible or profitable. rousey leather dree

Her mother was the first American to win the World Judo Championships. Her father committed suicide when she was 8 after suffering an injurious accident and mounting medical bills. She didn’t speak coherently until she was 6. She is the first American Olympic medallist in judo. Her training begins at 4:15am. Anyone who knows her attests she’s one of the most disciplined hard working athletes they’ve ever encountered. You couldn’t build a better fighter in a lab.

On March 29 2015 she made an appearance along side The Rock for WWE’s Wrestmania31, which was critically acclaimed and the most profitable Wrestlemania to date. To be clear though, MMA: Real. WWE: Entertainment.

She’s only 28

ronda-rousey-maxim-cover-6-1She had always wanted to look like a Maxim cover girl, so she changed the definition of what a Maxim cover girl looks like.

Because I know more about her bar tending job than I do about any of her previous boyfriends. Her narrative never wavers, whether it’s making cocktails or being the most dominant female athlete in the world, she defines herself by her work.

Because that Meisha Tate fight is one of the best of all time

UFC isn’t even legal in many countries or major American cities, and this simply makes her even more of a badass

Because every great sports story is about the uprising of an underclass, and Ronda represents any person who persevered when no one believed. The money is dictated by the power of television, and even though UFC is only available Pay Per View, the numbers have spoken: we want Ronda in the octagon. Because witnessing genius is sometimes the only thing in the world that gives you pause, and ignites whatever flame you have left of your childhood belief that anything is possible. Because anything is possible. Ronda


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