Netflix: Top Sports Documentaries

5.) Bones Brigade(2012)

he's just a skater boy she said see you later...wait, what? u got sponsored for 10 million
he’s just a skater boy she said see you later…wait, what? u got sponsored for 10 million

An enjoyable documentary about five skateboarders (Tony Hawk included) who brought skateboarding from the fringe to the mainstream. Forget the Devil Wears Prada type of top down fashion construction. The reason ‘skater’ became a look is because a few key art directors crystallised physical talent into life style011 identities. Fascinating and exciting uprising of a subculture that never seemed very promising. Also Fred Durst makes a random unwarranted appearance, which is hilarious.

4.) Lindsay Vonn: In the Moment
Good training montages. Horrible hard boiled egg eating montages.

3.) Undefeated (2011)

My God, in terms of what you want from a sports film, this has everything. The intense training, the dramatic speeches, Varsity Blues level accents, failure, the undefeated 2pressure and fragility associated with having your body as a potential vehicle for socioeconomic mobility. Undefeated gets to the heart of why we watch sports: there is nothing else to believe in. Everybody worships, and what type of football you worship is geographically determined. Undefeated is about man v stagnation, one dead lift at a time.

2.) ESPSN’s 30 for 30 series

I have yet to watch one of these that wasn’t entertaining. So good I need to make a micro top 5

5) The Two Escobar’s

4.) Broke

3.) You Don’t Know Bo

2.) Unguarded

1.) Fab Five

They have so many documentaries about squandered potential. Failure is just as romantic as success.

1.) The Short Game (2013)

Over 300 trophies between these two OshKoshbogoshers
Over 300 trophies between these two OshKoshbogoshers

About the golf world championships for kids. Phenomenal documentary. World class athletes who make sand castles during their down time. Allan Kournikova (Anna Kournikova’s brother) is a hilarious little man. Amary Avery is a FORCE to be reckoned with and she’s an 8 year old girl. All of these kids work harder than any adult you know. You have to be a little crazy to raise a world class athlete but the dedication is inspiring to watch. Executive producers are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Even if those two produce a kid it will not be better than this


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